Terms of use


Visitors and users (“You”) of the online store (“E-store”) agree with the following terms of use and undertake to comply with them. Products of various manufacturers and/or service providers (“Providers”) are available on the e-store.

1. Software Product

The Software Product includes a computer software, including any updates, releases and additions thereto, received under the licensing agreement during the subscription.

2. Payment type

In the e-store, products of the Provider can be purchased with a credit/debit card, SEB, Swedbank, Luminor and Citadele online banking services, by means of a regular payment service, as well as by a bank transfer to the Provider's bank account indicated in the advance payment invoice.

By choosing the regular payment service, You allow to automatically charge your regular monthly subscription fee to your bank card. The service continues until you terminate it (see paragraph 3), or until the respective payment card expires.

3. Cancellation and termination of a purchase/service

The Provider reserves a right to cancel any purchase or service if it is suspected that the transaction may be fraudulent. Use of payment cards and/or payment card data of other persons for transactions like purchasing goods or services is illegal. Any person found guilty of such offence may be prosecuted pursuant to the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

To discontinue your regular payment service, please use the “Stop Monthly Subscription” link in the email of your Provider that you received after your registration for the service. If this email is no longer available for any reason please contact your Provider.

4. Right of withdrawal

You warrant and acknowledge that pursuant to Paragraph 13 of Section 22 of Cabinet Regulation No. 255 “Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts”, you may not exercise the right of withdrawal as the contract relates to the supply of digital content that is not supplied on a tangible medium.

5. Liability of the Seller and Service Provider

The Provider does not verify your personal data and cannot be held liable for any loss that may be incurred due to the use of credit cards or personal data not belonging to You.

The Provider reserves the right to change the terms of use without any prior notice. The changes shall take effect after their publication on the home page of the e-store.

The Provider cannot be held liable for the fitness of the Software Product for Your purposes, as well as for the consequences or data damage that may occur during the use of the Software Product.

6. Buyer's liability

You undertake not to interfere with the functioning of the e-store service, including not to copy or modify information or publish data, or to knowingly take any action that could overload the e-store service.

You agree with the following:

  • You are at least 18 year old and have full legal capacity.
  • You undertake not to use a third-party payment card or online banking services to pay for a purchase or a service.
  • The proof of sales will be prepared electronically and will be valid without a signature.

Breach of the above rules gives us a right to cancel Your purchase.