Terms of use


Visitors and users (herein - you) of the online store (herein - e-store) of SIA Tilde (herein - we) accept the following terms of use and agree to meet them.

1. Software

The software product contains the software including all upgrades, releases, and updates that are received in accordance with the provisions of the License agreement and during the subscription period.

2. Method of Payment

An e-store product can be purchased by paying with a credit/debit card, using SEB or Swedbank internet banking services, applying for the regular payments service, or by making a transfer to the SIA Tilde account indicated in the pre-pay bill.

By selecting the regular payment service, you authorize us to charge automatically the regular monthly subscription fee to the bank payment card that you have indicated. The service is in effect until you terminate it (more about this in Paragraph 3) or until the expiration date of the indicated payment card.

To apply for regular payment service, select this service option in the registration form of the www.tilde.lv online store.

3. Cancellation and termination of purchase/service

We reserve the right to cancel any purchase or service if there is any doubt about possible fraudulent activity as regards the transaction. Use of a payment card and/or payment card data that has been issued to another person, e.g., for the purchase of goods and services, is illegal. A person who has committed such an offence may be held responsible in accordance with the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

To terminate a regular payment service, you must select the "Terminate monthly subscription" link that is located in the e-mail sent by SIA Tilde that you received after applying for the service. If this email is no longer accessible for some reason, please contact us by e-mail: atbalsts@tilde.lv or by phone (+371) 67 805 713.

4. Delivery

A purchased product can be downloaded and installed immediately after payment has been successfully confirmed. Payment information will be sent to the indicated e-mail address, and the product license and installation key will be in attachment. The e-mail will also include a link to the site for download of the product.

If payment has been successfully made and you do not receive the abovementioned information, please contact us by e-mail: atbalsts@tilde.lv or by phone (+371) 67 805 713.

5. Cancellation rights

You confirm and agree that, in accordance with Paragraph 13 of Section 22 of Cabinet Regulation No.255 "Regulations regarding distance contracts", you cannot make use of cancellation rights because the contract has been entered for delivery of digital content that is not delivered by means of a separate data carrier.

6. Liability of the Seller and Service Provider

We do not verify your identification data and do not undertake responsibility for any losses that might arise due to misuse of a payment card or identity data of other persons.

We reserve the right to modify the terms of use without prior notice. Modifications become effective upon being published on the e-store website.

We are not responsible for the software's applicability to your objectives, and we are also not responsible for any effects or damaged data that occurs while using the software.

7. Responsibilities of the Buyer

You undertake to not intervene with the operation of the e-store service, including to not copy or customize any information and to not publish any data or perform any intentional activities that might cause the services of the e-store to be overloaded.

You agree to the following terms:

  • you are at least 18 years old and have legal capacity,
  • you undertake to not use a third party's payment card and/or online banking services to pay for the purchase or service,
  • purchase documents are electronically prepared and are valid without a signature.

We are entitled to cancel your purchase if any of the terms mentioned herein are violated.